Namaste Away From Negative Influences & Love Yourself 


Reset Your Groove


When your life no longer fits ... It is time to write a new story.



When I was creating the Namaste Away book, the word was a play on staying away, loving myself and letting go of the toxicity of negative influences to heal.


Come to find out, the word Namaste means to do just that. The traditional meaning is:

*All are one

*The divine light in me, sees the divine light within you

*See and honor the reality of others and where they are on their journey


It is so much more than something done in the practice of yoga.


In my healing journey I have come to know it as:

*An expression of unconditional love

*To thrive is to Live in the flow & freedom of the heart centered feels, not in chaos & control of ego feels

*An invitation to go deeper and be in alignment with the oneness of everything as you BECOME SELF AWARE and LOVE SELF

*Understand the true purpose of life

*Live in state of gratitude, respect and reverence and beauty in and for all experiences and beings

*Live fully present in each moment

*Speak your authentic truth

*Surrender the chaos and let go and just BE. Everything will always work out for the best. It is universal law.


In surrender to chaos, is courage and trust, which is love.

In love, is where all things thrive.


Just like the seed surrenders to the darkness, so shall we

if we are to release the negative influence and thrive.


Why Everyone Needs to NAMASTE:

NAMASTE is an intention to live fully present, be YOU in the moment, become self-aware and LOVE self as you find the beauty in ALL things, including embracing change.


Namaste will introduce the 5 Pillars to THRIVE and show you that there is hope for humanity and that we can indeed learn to live in harmony.


The 5 Pillars to THRIVE are so important because we live in a world today that is riddled with chaos, disconnection, and disharmony.


For many this chaos and disconnect starts at the moment of conception and continues until awareness of beliefs and identity come into question.


Change in the world around us will generate questions within to uncover where we fit in and our place in the world.


When we find ourselves sick and tired and our body is overcome with illness and disease, that is when the fruit of change is ripe for the picking and consumption.


The fruit must be ripened at the vine, (YOU), before harvested and enjoyed by others. But how do we bring harmony back to humanity?


The problem and the solution lies right in the middle of the word hUmaNITY.

Humanity is lacking: unity


Unity within self and that extends outward with others.


Harmony for humanity is only possible when all human beings embody unconditional LOVE.

For harmony within, is harmony for all.


Love is energy of creation and unity starts with love of self . But you must master your awareness first.

















Harmony within

Universal love for all

Mastery of mindset

Awareness of evolution and creation

Nourish body and soul to vibrate higher

Individualism- respect all differences

Thankful for all experiences and everyone

YOUniverse = you create your reality and others confirm the belief you are creating from.


I believe that the power of alignment through self-love will help everyone NAMASTE from negative influences and THRIVE to create harmony within.


· Do you feel like you are lacking harmony within?


· Do you feel out of alignment with yourself?


· Are you suffering from disease, past traumas, addictions, eating disorders, low self-worth, or other issues and behaviors that keep you from feeling like you are living the best life you could?


· Do you feel lost, unhappy, uncertain, or unloved?


· Are you stuck living in fear, doubt, and lack?


Are you resonating with any of these struggles? Perhaps you know someone who would relate?


I know this dark lonely place well. I used to be completely paralyzed by old beliefs and fear.

I had no reason to feel safe after living my whole life in the chaos of trauma.


I not only had to learn how to rewire beliefs, but also how to set healthy boundaries with myself and others.


I had long road that I had to journey to find self-acceptance, overcome codependency, and discover how to accept, let go, forgive, and unconditionally love myself.


I have always been fascinated by the neuroscience of trauma and the brain, and my curiosity led me to discover the art of energy, how powerful the mind-to-body connection is, and how spirituality, self-care, and mindset play a role in wellness and aligned living.


From this research, I created tools that helped me recover from past traumas, heal, and thrive.

Namaste Away and Thrive includes my tools to learn:


· How to understand what is happening

· How to heal

· How to forgive

· How to find peace

· How to find joy

· How to find happiness

· How to trust again

· How to love again


And I have also included many of my poems of self-discovery that helped me channel my painful emotions into beauty and hope instead of self-harm that will move and inspire you to unconditionally love yourself and let go of negative influences from people, things, habits, and beliefs.


· If you want to understand how the body and mind work together …

· If you want to learn how to shift your focus from past traumas to changing your story …

· If you want to find forgiveness and let go of the negative influences that are blocking

· your ability to thrive …

Then you need Namaste Away and Thrive.


Learn how to live an authentic, abundant, and aligned life using the foundation of

trauma as the revolution for your evolution.


Build your new vision and align powerfully with your health and wealth.


Become the hero of your own story.


If you are interested or ready to go deeper, my book Namaste Away and THRIVE is the guide that you need!


It is packed with tools to help you to release the negative influences to allow space for self-exploration as you Namaste Away and THRIVE!


In this exploration, you will discover the buried treasure that you once sought in the influences outside of self.


You will accept the differences and then alchemize the pain of loss, betrayal, rejection, and lack as you chip away at the negative influences created by trauma and controlled by ego.


This will reveal the blueprint of your beliefs.


As you detox, align and return to self, the chaos and struggles of others will fall away as their energy is no longer in alignment with yours.

The intention of NAMASTE is alignment.

In alignment you will shine bright, illuminating and releasing negative influences and powerfully transform your life.


When you employ The Five Pillars of THRIVE with the intention of ‘Namaste’, and stay away from negative influences, healing is a possibility, and you will become the hero of your own story.


No longer will you need to control everything, and you will feel happy, abundant, and THRIVE IN THE FREEDOM being YOU!


Are you ready to forge a new path? 


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8 Gateways of Self Love to Connect to Self, Solve the Puzzle of You 

and Align with Your Life Purpose

8 Self-Love Gateways to Alignment flyer.

As part of the 5 Pillars to THRIVE With the 8 Gateways of Self-love you will:

  • Master Your Mind

  •  Honor Your Body

  • Connect and Serve with LOVE through your soul.

  • Get the keys to unlock the door to self healing through the mind/body connection.

  • Uncover your "BIG WHY" to create your empowered "YOUniverse"! 

Whether it is a relationship with yourself or others, the foundation to success lies

with self-care and self-talk. 

To write a new story is an adventure in growing awareness and self-love, while having fun with your daily self-care routine and connecting to who YOU are at your core.


As you discover WHO you believe yourself to be: 

worthy of, capable of becoming, right to have be, receive, etc.,

you unlock the puzzle of YOU.

This is where you find the story line, or groove.

Those are all beliefs, story lines, and we live our life story from that script. 

If we are not careful, we can create a never ending loop of creating

what we fear most, rather than really living that dream life.

All based on that fear that what we desire is not possible for us.



You need awareness of the "Puzzle of YOU" and curiosity

to uncover your beliefs and empower your mind.


It all begins and ends with mindset and beliefs.


Empowered Beliefs create Empowered Experiences.

The first step of the journey requires the Five Pillars To THRIVE.

Pillar One: The Art of Acceptance: Uncover the old belief systems and what actions have kept you from living the life you desire and that everything is happening for you to provide awareness of where your mind is.

Pillar Two: The Art of Letting Go: Learn how to let go with gratitude of what does not feel good to open space for what does. Learn unique actions that you can immediately take to allow you more freedom, happiness to nourish and heal your beliefs and allow you to live an empowered and fuller life.

Pillar Three: The Art of Self-Awareness:  As a divine being—we are only limited by our beliefs. Learn how to overcome feelings that are creating disease and gain more energy, increase your self love, create healthy boundaries.

Pillar Four: The Art Of Empowered Thinking: Explore and master your mindset, beliefs, & identity. Understand the ego and heart feels emotions and master your ability to think from an empowered state. Create and connect to your limitless prosperity, abundance, happiness, wellness, and joy.

Pillar Five: The Art of Self-Love: Self care is not to be sacrificed, it is to be honored. Self care is an ultimate expression of self love and is the first ingredient in abundance. Learn how to master the rhythm of your heart and how you energetically show up and what you magnetize back to you. The art of loving you is also how you love others.

The 5 Pillars To THRIVE can be combined with additional services:

PTSD & BRAIN HEALTH: I am thriving despite nine concussions and trauma from birth to adulthood from parental abuse to domestic violence. Learn how I found the limiting beliefs that were adding to the suicidal ideations and how I was able to overcome the belief that I was a burden and not worthy or capable to survive trauma and now uses those experiences to THRIVE.  Learn the holistic approach that I applied to overcome medication toxicity and autoimmune illnesses that also helps to restore brain and mood health from mental illness, depression and anxiety in combination with the modalities for overcoming PTSD to enjoy life fully.


SEXUAL TRAUMA RECOVERY: Learn the importance of eating well, moving your body daily, maintaining a positive mindset, proper sleep & stress hygiene. Explore the effects of trauma on the mind & body and how to release the pain, guilt & shame of sexual abuse trauma. Following the sensuality of self care you will begin to experience healing and find empowerment and forgiveness. Learn how the relationship with self is the foundation for healing from sexual trauma and allows you to experience passion and own your sexuality once again. 

Are you ready to awaken, align and THRIVE as an empowered thinker and Namaste Away from Negative Influences and LOVE Yourself? 


Learn the power of positivity,

release the pain of the past and fear of the future, 



be YOU!!

~After all that is what you came here to do! 

It is time.

You have the power.

Reset the groove with the "Empower Yourself" button

Begin to write a new story where you:





Starve the Ego & Feed the Soul!

Empower Yourself
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About Me

Author & Poet

Passionate Lifestyle & Mindset Coach

Transformation Coach & Motivational Speaker 

Self-Love Master & Codependency Slayer 

Trauma Liberator & Life Skills Educator
Artist & Lover of Life

I have a passion as a certified Master Transformation Health & Life Coach to empower others on their life journey.

I am a creative, passionate soul and I love to help people see that anything is possible with an empowered mindset.

I have a burning desire to educate, elevate, motivate and inspire you to use your self care as your health care.

This is a powerful transformation tool to learn to love yourself, let go of past hurts, align with your highest self and your souls purpose.

I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress.

I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you.

Creator of: 12 Steps To Freedom from Addiction, Codependency, & Negative Self-Talk Recovery Plan,

9 to Align, 7 Step Now is WOW Formula, 5 To Feel Free &

8 Self-Love Gateways, & the FIVE PILLARS TO THRIVE. 

¨ My book Namaste Away and THRIVE: Release Negative Influences and Love Yourself includes the tools I used to help me recover from past traumas, heal and THRIVE. My poetic approach to alchemizing trauma and negative influences will inspire you to unconditionally love yourself and let go of negative influences from people, things, habits and beliefs. 


¨ My #BeLove movement is to create Harmony For Humanity, teaching how the path to freedom and happiness that allows everyone to live an empowered and full life and be the best version possible for self and others lies in ones self-love journey. My tools on how to live an authentic, abundant and aligned life using the foundation of negative influences and trauma as the revolution for your evolution, will help you build a new vision, align powerfully with your health and wealth!


¨ Using my education and experiences, I created EmBodyE Wellness and the 5 Pillars of Transformation to THRIVE and A.D.A.P.T., and The 12 Steps to Freedom from Addiction, Codependency, Negative Self-talk Recovery Plan, 8 Self-Love Gateways, 7 Step Now is WOW Formula, 5 Steps to Feel Freedom, 9 to Align, and more. I use these powerful and insightful tools to help individuals understand what is happening, how to heal, forgive, and find peace, joy, happiness, and how to trust and love again.


¨ My Podcast Reset Your Groove, provides an uplifting perspective of how to use your self-care as your health care, how to Namaste Away and use the transformative power of self love, how to understand your ego & overcome fear, doubt, lack, PTSD, eating disorders, low self-worth and other issues that are holding you back from living your best life, and more!

¨ My upcoming projects include a daily motivational podcast, Harmony For Humanity nonprofit organization, 22 Halo Project for my fellow veterans, and Dragonfly Devas Transitional Housing  as well as the expansion of my Zen Hikes & Outdoor Adventures, Inc. and many more personal development and empowered poetry books.


"When you love yourself, you give yourself and the world the priceless gift of passion, peace and love.

~Candice J. Frazier


Get in touch to learn more and connect.






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